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Sunday Times Commercial

Production Company: Godman

Director: Olly Blackburn

Postition: Art Director/Stylist


Small set build with dressing and location dressing

Pirates - Drama Documentary
Designer: Brian Sykes
Position: Art Director


Set builds and extensive dressing in 3 mills studios.

Sets : Boat interior.

           An Inn

           A Courtroom that transforms                           using a glass shot and dressing.

           Exterior boat set.


Promo for Cbeebies
Promax Award Winner

Director: Syd Macartney

Producer:Tanya Burgess


Position: Designer

Studio set build in Pinewood Studios


Uk Gold Xmas - BBC Promos
Position: Designer

A large two story set for a motion

control camera.  

With exterior street with backcloth and dressing.

The camera swung from the upper bedroom through the floor and into the hallway and out into the street.

Nestle Commercial
Production Com: Godman
Producer: Phillipa Thomas
Director: Ronnie West

Commercial for a Nestle chocolate bar. 

Shot at two locations: 

The gas towers in Kings Cross

and a country house.

Small set build and special props and dressing.

Out of This World 
Disney Channel
Production Company:Loki
Producer:Bob Ford

Large set build lounge to fit a 1930's exterior with a port-hole window.

Small props were rigged to fall as 

the family float into the room.

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