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Old Jacks Boat
Easter Special 

Designer: Jane Cecchi

Producer: Dominic McDonald

Director: Dermot 

I worked as the Art Director sourcing and making all props for the prep and during shooting.

During Filming on location, studio and green screen  I was also on camera.

The show is filmed on location in Staithes, East Yorkshire and Halliford studios.

Deadly Art Series 2
Producer: Ian France

Deadly Art was filmed on location at Asylmn chapel in Peckham. 

For the show I dressed the Chapel and designed and created 13 large art installations based on animals filmed for the Deadly 60 series.

My team of makers and painters included:

Dan Mort- prop maker/sculptor

Katie and Janice from Sceneatheme Scenic painting.

Nicola Wood - ice and sand sculptor.



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