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Deadly Art Series 1

Exec Producer: Elaine Bancroft

Producer: Ian France

Deadly Art was filmed on location at Asylmn chapel in Peckham. 

For the show I dressed the Chapel and designed and created 13 large art installations based on animals filmed for the Deadly 60 series.

My team of makers and painters included:

Dan Mort- prop maker/sculptor

Katie and Janice, Sceneatheme,-scenic painting.

Nicola Wood - ice and sand sculptor.

Pet School series 1


Exec Producer: Nick Cory-Wright

Producer: Sally Ann Keiser

Designer: Claire Rudkin

The show had a reality show style format- so all areas that I designed had to be practical and meet all the requirements for animals to be permenant 


The sets were based in a working school closed for the holidays.

Pet School Series 2


Exec Producer: Nick Cory-Wright

Producer: Gerard Williams

Designer: Claire Rudkin

The show changed locations for the second series.

Lots more animal areas were added and the exterior enclosures requirements were improved.

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