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The Abbey 2005
Pilot show
Designer: Stevie Herbert
Baby Cow Productions

I was Art director helping source props/dressing sets and photoshots.  Also Standby art director during filming.

Beauty 2003
A series of 1 hour episodes based around fairy tales.
Designer: Stevie Herbert

I was Art director and standby art director.

During prep I was sourcing props, organising photoshoots and  graphics.

Also Liasing with the artist (Sally Drake) to create the actors family portrait.



Saturday morning kids show.
Postition: Series Designer
Set Designer: Jane Cecchi

With the setting crew I oversaw the set and strike each week.

Depending on the script I designed small sets for visiting artists. 


Carolines Cupboard- Caroline Flack.

Christmas grotto.

Space ship deck- McFly.


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